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Whether it be through donations or volunteer hours (which are limited due to the social distancing mandate), here are a few ways that you can help our community during these uncertain times:

United Way of the Adirondack Region

April 20-25, 2020:
Virtual Day of Caring

The United Way of the Adirondack Region, Inc. is a voluntary fund-raising and human service organization that works to unite a cross section of volunteers and agencies, both public and private, in a community-wide effort to deliver needed health and human service programs.

  • 2-1-1 Number: 2-1-1 is an easy-to-remember telephone number to call for free, confidential information and referral.  2-1-1 Adirondack Region provides direct, personal and professional assistance for human services and is a vital resource to connect people with important services and volunteer opportunities.

The CVPH Foundation

To meet the challenges of this public health crisis, the hospital needs your help now, more than ever.

How can I help? Due to a high demand of essential medical supplies across the country, CVPH is having a difficult time acquiring these items:

  • N-95 masks
  • Bleach wipes
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Surgical masks
  • Gallon-size bleach

Theses items should be new, clean and still in the original packaging. Due to visitation and safety guidelines, they are asking anyone interested in donating any of these supplies to please email the Foundation or call the office at 518.562.7169 for more information and to arrange for pick up.

Other ways to help:

  • Home-sewn Face Masks: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that fabric masks can be used when supplies are scarce. These types of masks would be for employees who DO NOT give direct patient care but would like an additional barrier of protection while they work.  Click here for details on how to make the masks and get them to the hospital team. In the event they receive an abundance of homemade masks, we will share with other local organizations in need.
  • Virtual Visitation & Patient Support: The Foundation is also asking for the public's help in raising money to acquire iPads and other forms of technology that can help patients take part in virtual visitations with their loved ones.  Click here to learn more and to donate.
  • Show Your Gratitude: Do you know or love a health care worker? Whether it's just to say thank you, share their inspirational story, or let them know you're thinking about them, you can post your messages and videos (keep it clean, please) on the hospital's social  media channels with the noted hashtags #CVPHPeople or #CVPHGratitute so that they can share your thoughts and words of encouragement with employees.

Salvation Army

Our friends at the Salvation Army are continuing to do the good work they always do, including:
  • Soup Kitchen: Take Out food is being provided from their soup kitchen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But only on a drive-in basis. People are asked to line up IN THIE CARS in front of the building at 4804 S. Catherine Street, STARTING AT 11:30 A.M.. They will be asked to pop their trunks (staying in their cars) and the meal and a bag of food will be placed in the trunk and they'll be sent on their way.
  • Food Pantry: People must call the office at (518) 561-2951 to make an appointment to receive food. A caseworker will take info over the phone. When they arrive, people are asked to pull up in front of the building, call to let them know they have arrived and, like with the soup kitchen, are asked to pop their trunks. But unlike the soup kitchen, ID must be seen for all in the household and something that shows proof of residency.
  • Donations are welcome. Donors should call ahead at (518) 561-2951 to be sure someone is there to receive items. Items will be left by the front door, knock on the door, and a staffer will come get the donated items.
Items needed include - all items must be new and the use by date must be current or in the future: 
  • masks 
  • gloves 
  • hand sanitizer 
  • spaghetti sauce 
  • macaroni 
  • jelly 
  • juice 
  • canned tuna/chicken 
  • soup 
  • toilet paper 
  • hygiene products
  • butter 
  • American cheese 
  • pancake mix
Donations may  be sent to: Salvation Army, 4804 S. Catherine St., Plattsburgh, N.Y. 12901. 
To donate via debit/credit card, please text PLATTSBURGHHOPE to 41444 and you will be given a link that will take you to a secure website.

Plattsburgh Rehabilitation and Nursing Center:

PRNC is calling for the public to donate personal protective equipment, known as PPE.
WHY: Although PRNC was proactive and took an aggressive approach to secure PPE supplies to care for our residents, we do not know how long the coronavirus COVID –19 pandemic will last. They currently have enough PPE to care for their residents and keep their staff safe, however, due to unprecedented global demand for protective equipment that was previously readily available, the timing of resupply shipments has become difficult to plan for. PRNC is taking advantage of every opportunity to safely conserve PPE. Even with these measures, they need more supplies as soon as possible to continue to care for their residents safely and keep their staff safe.
While hospitals and other settings continue to garner much of the publics’ attention, nursing homes are fighting every day to ensure the highest quality of care for our most vulnerable under the most extreme conditions.
They are asking the public to donate any of the following supplies:
• N95 masks
• Surgical or procedure masks
• Exam gloves
• Surgical gowns
• Medical face shields
• Alcohol-based hand sanitizer
Full boxes of supplies are preferable, but partial boxes or individual donations are acceptable as long as the supplies are clean.

Adirondack Health:

How Can You Assist Adirondack Health During the COVID-19 Crisis?

As the spread of COVID-19 increases and more people are impacted, many have asked how they can support Adirondack Health and their exceptional doctors, nurses and staff. Their staff is working tirelessly to care for our patients who are family, friends and neighbors while preparing for the unknown. It is stressful and hard work and community support gives them strength and lifts their spirits.

What Can I Do?

Their highest priority is keeping patients and staff safe. 

  • Please stay home unless absolutely necessary – this protects you and it protects others, including Adirondack Health staff.
  • Keep social distancing of 6 feet – measure it with a tape measure, it’s greater than you think.
  • If you have traveled anywhere outside the Tri-Lakes, it is a good idea to self-quarantine for 14 days, especially if you have been in a large metropolitan area, on an airplane, or abroad.
  • Consider a monetary contribution to the COVID-19 Community Response Fund.  A donation to this fund will ensure Adirondack    Health has funds available to use during this unprecedented crisis.  Gifts can be made on-line or by sending a check to:

Adirondack Health Foundation
COVID-19 Community Response Fund
PO Box 120
Saranac Lake, NY  12983

They would appreciate donations of:

  • Boxes of unopened surgical masks
  • Boxes of unopened N-95 masks
  • Boxes of unopened non-latex gloves
  • Unopened safety goggles or glasses
  • They DO NOT need home-made face mask or mask shields (while they deeply appreciate the gesture, home-made masks are not personal protection equipment (PPE) and would only be used in an extreme shortage situation).

What Else Can I Do?

  • Consider donating blood. If you are in Plattsburgh, stop by the Adirondack Regional Blood Donor Center at 85 Plaza Blvd, Suite 102, Plattsburgh. 518.562.7406.

Special and Urgent Needs Fund:

Adirondack Foundation’s Special and Urgent Needs Fund (SUN) is a responsive granting resource that can be deployed to assist Adirondack communities during times of crisis. Given the extraordinary circumstances of the novel coronavirus pandemic, this fund is mobilizing resources specifically for COVID-19 response.

Read More Here

JCEO of Clinton and Franklin Counties

A huge part of JCEO’s mission has always been to “help people and change lives” and that is still their focus during these uncertain times.  They are currently still operating all programs except for weatherization services.  They have taken several precautionary measures to keep people as safe and healthy as possible while still providing vital services to the community.  

How can you help?

  • Volunteer: At this time, they have suspended nearly all volunteer operations. 
  • Refer: If you know of a friend, neighbor, family member etc. that needs help (i.e. food access), please send them their way.  They can reach the Clinton County Office at 518-561-6310 or Franklin County at 518-483-7022.
  • Donate: They are accepting monetary donations via their website, please visit

For more information on other Coronavirus related topics, visit our home page HERE.

Have questions? Let us know! Email us and we will do our best to find the answer.


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