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2/26/2019   - Agreement with USMCA


     The North Country Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the agreement between the U.S. and Canada on trade, maintaining the tripartite NAFTA partnership while setting new terms and renaming the three nation agreement USMCA.

     "There is no greater driving force in the North Country economy of New York -- and indeed in the entire Quebec-New York Corridor -- than the economic partnership between Canada and the U.S.," states Garry Douglas, President and CEO of the North Country Chamber.  "Having agreed terms and general certainty about cross border commerce and investment is the basis of historic economic progress in recent decades and great hopes for the future. This outcome is therefore positive news for both countries, and activity through various channels shows an anxiousness to get back to business and to proceed with bi-national investments and decisions that had been on hold as the long negotiations remained in play."

     In a recent survey of its more than 4,000 employer members in the North Country region of New York, the primary importance of the region's multi-faceted economic partnership with Canada was strongly reaffirmed. Virtually 100% agreed that the U.S.-Canada relationship is working for the North Country and must be supported and preserved as a key to the North Country's current and future economy. Only one respondent disagreed.  

     97% agreed that Congress should approve the updated NAFTA agreement (USMCA), bringing stability and predictability to cross border commerce. And 96% agreed that a settlement must be reached as soon as possible that will end U.S. and Canadian tariffs on steel, aluminum and other goods. 

     The Plattsburgh, New York region has become known as "Montreal's U.S. suburb," positioning itself as a uniquely supportive environment for Canadian companies requiring subsidiary operations in the U.S. There are more than 100 Quebec-based businesses with locations in the Plattsburgh area, and 15% of the workforce in the area is employed by a Canadian or border related employer on the U.S. side of the border. In addition to a broad array of Canadian companies in the North Country, the last two decades have seen the emergence of a cluster of 54 Transportation Equipment & Aerospace manufacturers employing some 9,000 people, a majority of which are U.S. subsidiaries of Canadian companies and all of which are part of a growing cross border supply chain.

     "There is nothing more important to our region of New York State in Washington this year than the earliest possible approval by Congress of USMCA", concludes Douglas


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