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10/18/2017   - Governor Cuomo at Norsk Titanium


Governor Visits Norsk's Plattsburgh Development & Qualification Center and Holds Dedication Ceremony

$125 Million State Investment Will Establish Norsk's World-Leading Facilities in Plattsburgh

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced that Norsk Titanium, the world's first FAA-approved supplier of aerospace-grade, additive manufactured, structural titanium components, has begun operations for future production of Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems components, along with other aerospace manufacturers, at its Plattsburgh Development & Qualification Center. The company is also increasing its workforce where the company is currently producing titanium test parts on its proprietary Rapid Plasma Deposition machines, while completing prerequisite qualification activities.

New York is investing $125 million into establishing Norsk's 100,000 square-foot headquarters and production center and the 70,000 square-foot PDQC facility, which will significantly expand Upstate New York's high-tech corridor, from Western New York to the North Country. Norsk's operations in Plattsburgh will result in the creation of at least 383 direct and indirect high-tech jobs over the first five years, with potential for future expansion.

"Norsk could have chosen anywhere in the nation to set up their first-in-the-world manufacturing operations, but they chose Plattsburgh thanks to our economic development strategy and our pro-business climate," Governor Cuomo said. "This partnership will help grow the booming transportation and aeronautics industry, create hundreds of good jobs and support economic growth in the North Country."

The Governor joined with local officials and representatives from Norsk Titanium and Spirit AeroSystems for a dedication ceremony at the PDQC facility, further solidifying the state's partnership with Norsk in the North Country.

Norsk Titanium AS, a Norwegian company, is a global leader in 3D printing (additive manufacturing). Founded in 2007, the company focused on developing and commercializing technologies that reduce the cost of producing titanium components. Through years of research and development, Norsk perfected a technology that enables the production of aerospace grade components from titanium using a type of 3D printing known as Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD). Norsk is the only company that utilizes this technology, which enables components to be produced significantly faster, less expensively, and with less waste than previous production methods.

Warren Boley, President and CEO of Norsk Titanium, said, "Growth has been a consistent theme for Norsk Titanium, and today was no exception. This dedication signifies a 300 percent increase in our production capacity. The partnership with Empire State Development has been key to attracting much-deserved attention to Plattsburgh's ability to foster growth of high-technology companies.  We are very pleased to be a part of the North Country community."

After developing and perfecting its technology and products in Norway, the company is ready to begin production. In partnership with New York State, Norsk is establishing its US subsidiary in Plattsburgh, Norsk Titanium US, Inc., which will construct and operate a headquarters, development and production operation at the North Country Hub for Innovative Manufacturing Nanotechnology that will be located at the former Clinton County Airport, and in the existing PDQC.

Today, there are nine RPD machines at the PDQC, including several that are operational and producing titanium parts in practice, with the remaining machines being readied for full-scale production of aerospace parts. With its expansion to Upstate New York, Norsk is bringing aerospace-related production to the North Country, which compliments the region's strength as a manufacturing hub for other transportation industries such as rail (Bombardier) and bus (Volvo brands Nova and Prevost). The approximately 70,000 square-foot PDQC is currently being up-fitted to support development activities and initial production for Norsk's first major customers, Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems.

Earlier this year, Norsk announced its first production order from Boeing Commercial Airplanes for the manufacture of 3D-printed structural titanium components for the 787 Dreamliner.

Brian Baird, Vice President, Aircraft Materials and Structures, Supplier Management, Boeing Commercial Airplanes said, "Congratulations to Norsk and New York State for a partnership that is bringing an exciting new technology and high-value aerospace jobs to Plattsburgh. Boeing is proud to support American manufacturing and engineering excellence through our U.S. supply chain, sustaining an estimated 1.3 million American jobs."

John Pilla, Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer at Spirit AeroSystems said, "Spirit is very pleased to be standing alongside Norsk and Governor Cuomo for this very critical milestone in our partnership. Spirit builds thousands of parts every day, and now with this new RPD facility, we will be able to deliver more cost-effective solutions with the highest possible quality to our customers. Spirit will be looking for opportunities to use this new technology and this state-of-the-art facility to deliver world-class aerostructures."

Empire State Development President, CEO & Commissioner Howard Zemsky said, "Throughout Upstate, Governor Cuomo's inclusive, bottom-up approach to economic development is paying off - leading to transformative partnerships, attracting innovative global leaders like Norsk, and generating new jobs. Plattsburgh is now the world's epicenter for next generation aerospace manufacturing, and it wouldn't be possible without Governor Cuomo's unwavering commitment to bringing business back to Upstate New York."

New York State is investing $125 million into establishing these world-leading facilities, including the purchase and installation of 32 RPD machines, nine of which are being installed at the PDQC; and for the design, construction and up-fitting of the of the new and existing facilities. The funds were appropriated in the 2015-16 New York State Budget and have received all necessary approvals.

Norsk US will lease the facilities and equipment from the State for at least 10 years, while being responsible for all operating expenses, including raw materials and labor. The project will create nearly 400 new jobs over five years and Norsk US projects investing at least $875 million over the term of the lease agreement, resulting in a total investment of more than $1 billion in the North Country economy over the next decade.

Norsk US is also partnering with Clarkson University on research in additive manufacturing, and with the North County Chamber of Commerce in Plattsburgh to support and promote the successful launch and growth of Norsk's industrial-scale factory including workforce training, economic development and STEM outreach including specific educational programs for SUNY Plattsburgh, the new Institute for Advanced Manufacturing, local community colleges and other schools in the region.

Garry Douglas, President, North Country Chamber of Commerce and Co-Chair, North Country Regional Economic Development Council said, "Plattsburgh has become an important and growing center for the production of transportation equipment, including trains, buses and ambulances. Norsk Titanium now represents an historic next step, placing us not only in the aerospace business but at the forefront of transformational new technology that has the world looking our way. We thank Governor Cuomo for this remarkable investment in the future of the North Country, Norsk Titanium for their confidence in our community, and all of our economic and workforce development partners for their effective teamwork. Onward and upward!"

Senator Betty Little said, "Norsk has found an ideal home in Plattsburgh that will serve them and the aviation industry incredibly well for many years to come. This great news is made possible thanks to the vision and work of Governor Cuomo and the team at Empire State Development and the support of my colleagues in the State Legislature.  The Plattsburgh region is bright spot, not only in our state's, but our nation's economy. The North Country Chamber, led by Garry Douglas, the REDC, and local government officials, all have played critical roles in making this possible. Our technologically forward-leaning transportation hub, recognized worldwide for excellence, is now even better and I couldn't be more pleased."

Assemblyman Billy Jones said, "Norsk Titanium being approved to manufacture parts for Boeing at its Plattsburgh Development & Qualification Center is a major step forward for North Country business and development. By expanding their capabilities and establishing their U.S. foothold here in Plattsburgh, Norsk will be creating local jobs and revolutionizing the marketplace for years to come."

Harry J. McManus, Chairman, Clinton County Legislature said, "Governor Cuomo has been an architect for the future of economic development in New York State and we're feeling the impact of his vision here in Clinton County. Norsk, a worldwide leader, locating major operations in Plattsburgh is a perfect example - this is the future. We are so pleased to have Norsk here, and are thankful that the Governor has provided so much support for establishing the new technologies and businesses in our community that represent the jobs and economy of tomorrow."

Plattsburgh Town Supervisor Michael Cashman said, "Norsk's arrival and rapid growth is incredibly positive for our town and the entire region - this reinforces Plattsburgh position as global leader. No doubt, Norsk is redefining aerospace technology and marketing for generations to come while creating hundreds of high-quality jobs. Governor Cuomo's vision for and commitment to bring new businesses and innovative partnerships to our communities is a welcome one. We intend to optimize these investments. I applaud the Governor, as well as the State and local North Country team for their continued efforts to create a brighter future."

Plattsburgh Mayor Colin Read said, "This is one more piece of great news for our region. Our Governor has helped us leverage our proximity to Canada and grow our role as a major transportation industry manufacturing region to create a more resilient economy. While many other rural cities have suffered, our city and region has shown improving sustainability and continues to attract skilled workers from our local colleges and beyond. This bodes well for our region and for our historic city."

About Norsk Titanium AS

Norsk Titanium AS is the world's pioneering supplier of aerospace-grade, additive manufactured, structural titanium components. The company is distinguished in the aviation industry by its patented Rapid Plasma Deposition (RPD) process that transforms titanium wire into complex components suitable for structural and safety-critical applications. The Norsk Titanium research and development team is committed to replacing today's inefficient manufacturing processes with a precision wire deposition technology embodying substantial savings for aerospace, defense, and commercial applications.

Norsk Titanium's proprietary RPD process works by feeding titanium wire into a set of plasma torches protected by a cool argon environment that has made it possible to replace legacy forged parts, which take months and even years to develop and produce, with precision, additive manufactured components. The company has signed numerous contracts with the top echelon of aerospace manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers interested in leveraging RPD to cut cost and lead time from airframe and engine

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