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9/24/2012   - NY in Top 10


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has ranked New York State among the top ten states this year for enterprise and for the pursuit of "policies that produce", moving New York up 11 spotsin this year's performance rankings from last year. The study finds that "states that boost exports, foster innovation, provide businesses with certainty and reasonable taxes, insist on excellence in education, and prioritize infrastructure are leading on job creation and economic growth."

"We see this as welcome recognition of the progress made in Albanyover the last eighteen months,stopping New York's long and accelerating decline and creating a sustainable way forward," states Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. "Under Governor Cuomo, with the support ofour North CountryState Legislators, New York ismaking the kind of choices and taking some of the difficult but necessary actions that aren't happening in Washington or in many other states. This includes two budgets in a row with no tax increases or gimmicks, an historic property tax cap, pension reforms and the new regional economic development approach, among other actions that seemed impossible two years ago but which are nowbecoming reality."

"We all know there is more to be done in New York," states Douglas, "but this recognition of our progress should serve as encouragement for continued reform in Albany, and will also help in our economic development efforts as it invites the business community across the country to take a fresh look at New York State and the different path we are now on."

Governor Andrew Cuomo today issued a statement (attached) welcoming the U.S. Chamber's findings.

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