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6/9/2016   - Agreement Signed

Left to right: Donald Shewan, Campus Director, Champlain College; Caroline  St-Hilaire, Mayor, City of Longueuil, QC; James Calnon, Mayor, City of  Plattsburgh; Cheryl Lesser, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Clinton   Community College.       


     On June 7th, the City of Plattsburgh and the North Country Chamber of Commerce participated in a full day of meetings and tours hosted by the City of Longueuil, Quebec and its economic development organization, DEL (Developement economique Longueuil). It was a return visit in follow-up to the Rendezvous Longueuil-Plattsburgh event held at Plattsburgh City Hall late last year, at which the Mayors of Champlain and Longueuil signed a collaboration agreement.

     "Last year's agreement placed a special focus on opportunities to partner in the field of Transportation Equipment and Aerospace, with both areas hosting a large cluster of such companies, and to generally promote business and economic connections," states Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. "Real progress was made in Longueuil as we saw the signing of an official Partnership Agreement between Clinton Community College and Champlain College which is located in St. Lambert. Both are heavily engaged in technical programs in support of transportation equipment and aerospace employment, which means we have a Quebec-New York dimension for Clinton and its new Institute for Advanced Manufacturing."

     "Clinton's agreement with Champlain College represents another of the ever increasing ways in which we are building meaningful educational opportunities for our students," says Fred Smith, President of Clinton Community College. "The cross border possibilities for students of both colleges are exciting."

     Cheryl Lesser, Vice President for Academic Affairs who signed the agreement on Clinton's behalf states, "I was delighted to participate in a meaningful dialogue with Champlain College. We will have the chance now to collaborate and to strengthen both of our institutions. Serving our students is at the forefront of our missions and we will have opportunities to learn from each other how to improve services and provide pathways to enhance students' abilities to transfer to baccalaureate institutions or move directly into the workforce."

     "I was pleased to join with our gracious host, Mayor St-Hiliare, in facilitating the next step in the relationship between the Transportation Clusters in Longueuil and Plattsburgh," says Plattsburgh Mayor James Calnon. "The cooperation between Champlain College and Clinton Community College builds the foundation of support for the bi-national transportation equipment and materials cluster that encompasses both of our communities."

     The signing of the Partnership Agreement was the centerpiece of a luncheon at Longueuil City Hall hosted by Longueuil Mayor Caroline St-Hilaire, and was officially witnessed by both Mayors. Other elements of the day included:

  • A workshop by the North Country Chamber on "Doing Business in the U.S." for fourteen Longueuil companies.
  • A visit and tour at ENA (the Ecole nationale d'aerotechnique), North America's largest  aeronautical school.
  • A visit and tour at Groupe Robert, a massive transportation, warehousing, distribution and logistics operation in Boucherville.

      Joining in the visit to ENA were Michele Friedman and James McCartney of CV-TEC, serving to refresh the partnership established several years ago between CV-TEC and ENA.

"On behalf of CV-TEC, we are pleased to be a working part of the partnership with Longueuil and we look forward to continuing to develop ongoing educational opportunities through this partnership," states Michele Friedman, Director of Career and Technical Education.

     For the North Country Chamber, the Longueuil visit was part of its continuous commitment to facilitating and building connections of all kinds between the North Country and Quebec, particularly in support of bi-national development of the transportation equipment and aerospace cluster and cross border logistics.

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