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The North Country Chamber of Commerce is welcoming formation of a bi-national task force to develop recommendations for the eventual elimination of U.S.-Canada border crossing restrictions now in place. The Task Force is composed of four former Canadian and American political leaders, staffed by the Canada Institute.
"This is very much the sort of serious bi-national planning discussion we have been seeking," says Garry Douglas, Chamber President, "including interaction with stakeholders on both sides of the border for information, input and advice. We are especially pleased that amongst the four leaders is our very good friend and longtime partner, former Quebec Premier Jean Charest. We have already reached out to Premier Charest to offer our active assistance with consultations."
"The Task Force will issue recommendations to the two governments in March," notes Douglas. "While this seems a long ways off, it is consistent with private indications that little will change with the restrictions before April. If we can see a serious and practical plan by March therefore, we can hopefully see increased cross border travel once again for spring. We will, however, continue to suggest some potential modest revisions in the interim as well."
Douglas notes that while the Task Force has no official government power to enact its findings, "it provides a credible platform for discussion and recommendations that will surely be taken very seriously in both Washington and Ottawa." 
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