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September unemployment numbers have been released by the New York State Labor Department, showing the New York State unemployment rate for September was 9.4% compared with 3.6% twelve months earlier.
The North Country Chamber points out that our area numbers are significantly better in comparison and continue to improve:
  • CLINTON COUNTY: 4.9%, down from 8.0% in August and a high of 15.2% in April
  • FRANKLIN COUNTY: 5.1%, down from 8.8% in August and a high of 14.3% in April
  • ESSEX COUNTY: 4.7%, down from 7.7% in August and a high of 17.1% in April
  • HAMILTON COUNTY: 4.0%, down from 5.5% in August and a high of 14.2% in April
  • WARREN COUNTY: 5.2%, down from 8.5% in August and a high of 17.3% in April
"The positive trend from April has been steady, but the significant improvement in the last month is really encouraging," states Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce. "It clearly reflects, in the case of Clinton County, the strong performance of our large and diverse manufacturing sector, most of which never shut down and much of which is in a hiring mode. And while we continue to suffer an economic and employment hit related to the closure of our border to Canadian visitors, cross border shipping and supply chain activity has remained strong with a 3% growth in truck activity at the Champlain border crossing for August."
Douglas further notes "the importance of the commitment by area residents to maximize support for local businesses and residents and to enjoy our incredible area in the absence of travel. This is a definite positive factor as well and must continue over the coming months." 

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