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8/26/2020   - Trains can fly: Russian aircraft to transport Bombardier railcars to Malaysia

From the Press Republican:

A massive aircraft was spotted at the Plattsburgh International Airport Thursday afternoon. The aircraft's side read "Volga-Dnepr," an airline based in Ulyanovsk, Russia. The craft appeared to be the line's Antonov 124-100, which has a maximum load of 120 tons — or 17 elephants — seemingly accounting for its nickname as the "air cargo heavyweight champion."


Volga-Dnepr, founded in 1990, reported its Antonov-124-100 as the world’s largest civil cargo aircraft and leader of the air cargo market of hefty shipments. "The combination of exceptional characteristics such as its cargo compartment size, flight range and uplift capability without using special loading equipment allows (the craft) to carry super-heavy and oversized cargo," its website says. The aircraft has a pressurized cargo cabin and multi-leg landing gears, equipped with 24 wheels to allow change to the angle of the fuselage to simplify loading operations, it adds.  According to North Country Chamber of Commerce President Garry Douglas, the planes were originally built by the USSR to transport tanks and helicopters.


The chamber president told the Press-Republican the plane was in town for railcar manufacturer Bombardier Transportation, located on Main Mill Street in the City of Plattsburgh. 

"Bombardier has authorized us to confirm that four railcars produced in Plattsburgh are being flown to Malaysia," Douglas said. "Here we have an amazing intersection of the capabilities of our airport with the global reach of one of our transportation equipment companies.

"What an example this is of the intermodal capabilities of Plattsburgh International Airport, not to mention the capacity to easily serve this giant Antonov cargo plane," he continued.

"Plattsburgh is now officially a place where trains can fly. Onward and upward."

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