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3/24/2020   - How to Help the Salvation Help Others

Image result for salvation army logo HOW TO HELP THE SALVATION ARMY HELP OTHERS
Our friends at the Salvation Army are continuing to do the good work they always do, including:
  • SOUP KITCHEN: Take Out food is being provided from their soup kitchen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. But only on a drive-in basis. People are asked to line up IN THIE CARS in front of the building at 4804 S. Catherine Street, STARTING AT 11:30 A.M.. They will be asked to pop their trunks (staying in their cars) and the meal and a bag of food will be placed in the trunk and they'll be sent on their way.
  • FOOD PANTRY: People must call the office at (518) 561-2951 to make an appointment to receive food. A caseworker will take info over the phone. When they arrive, people are asked to pull up in front of the building, call to let them know they have arrived and, like with the soup kitchen, are asked to pop their trunks. But unlike the soup kitchen, ID must be seen for all in the household and something that shows proof of residency.
  • DONATIONS are welcome. Donors should call ahead at (518) 561-2951 to be sure someone is there to receive items. Items will be left by the front door, knock on the door, and a staffer will come get the donated items.
Items needed include - all items must be new and the use by date must be current or in the future
  • masks 
  • gloves 
  • hand sanitizer 
  • spaghetti sauce 
  • macaroni 
  • jelly 
  • juice 
  • canned tuna/chicken 
  • soup 
  • toilet paper 
  • hygiene products
  • butter 
  • American cheese 
  • pancake mix
Donations may  be sent to: Salvation Army, 4804 S. Catherine St., Plattsburgh, N.Y. 12901. 
To donate via debit/credit card, please text PLATTSBURGHHOPE to 41444 and you will be given a link that will take you to a secure website.

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