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3/2/2020   - Nova Bus 2020 Contract

We welcome the recent announcement that NOVA BUS has won a large contract from the MTA in New York City to provide 165 forty foot hybrid buses with options for an additional 126 hybrids and for 209 diesel buses, for a potential total of 500. The first pilot buses will be delivered in May 2020.
This is terrific news that provides a strong start this year for Nova Bus and for our region's transportation cluster. All the more so as it comes on the heels of the recent major bus order by the MTA for Prevost. Nova Bus has clearly earned a major place in the U.S. bus market since starting operations here just ten years ago, with a record of quality that has earned the support and confidence of key customers such as the MTA. Every official we bring to the plant leaves impressed and supportive, and with Nova's readiness to produce electric buses as the national market evolves over the next few years, we can expect continued success.
Our thanks to Nova Bus and to the MTA, but also to Governor Andrew Cuomo, Senator Betty Little and Assemblyman Billy Jones for their steadfast support of transit investments in New York and for our region's transportation equipment cluster!


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