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2/7/2020   - Chamber Pleased Quebec Hydro Embraced by N.Y.C. Mayor

The North Country Chamber Welcomes NYC Mayor's Commitment to Quebec Hydopower 
The North Country Chamber of Commerce is welcoming New York City Mayor de Blasio's commitment to accessing clean hydropower from Quebec as a key part of the city's climate and green energy agenda. In the Mayor's 2020 State of the City address, Mayor Bill de Blasio stated, "This year, we will secure an agreement to bring more zero-emission hydropower to New York City by 2025, which will help run City government operations on 100% renewable energy."
The commitment involves finalizing an agreement this year with Hydro Quebec for power to be delivered to New York City via the planned Champlain Hudson Power Express project, with construction targeted to begin in 2021. 
"The North Country Chamber, which is proud to play a special role in facilitating economic partnership of all kinds between New York and Quebec, has been a supporter of the Champlain Hudson Power Express project from its beginnings several years ago," states Garry Douglas, President of the North Country Chamber of Commerce.  "Quebec has what we need. They have abundant, reliable, secure hydropower. And the CHPE is the most environmentally sensitive transmission project you could think of to get that hydropower to New York City where it's needed. This power connection will further enhance the already massive and multi-faceted economic partnership that exists between Quebec and New York and will become an historic milestone in charting our energy future." 
Full statement from developer:
NYC Mayor's Press Release:

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